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Ziyun Mountain Scenic Spot

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Ziyun Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the Duanshuling Village Huaibei Town, 20 miles away from the downtown area of Huairou County. Covering an area of 2,000 mu, Ziyun Mountain is a beautiful scenic spot mainly with the natural landscape.

It has peculiar cliffs and stones, lush green trees and beautiful flowers. One can also see some wild animals and hear the birds twitter. Many attractions are distributed inside Ziyun Mountain Scenic Spot including the Feilai Stone, Seven-star Pond, Seven-color Pond, Ziyun Pool, Fairy Maiden Pool, Heavenly Post peak and so forth. Besides, you can also enjoy Jigong (a character in the Chinese folklore) on the peculiar stone, the penguin couple which stands together for thousand years and the jade-like clean and white lotus stone with each of vivid and life-like shapes. Ziyun Mountain is a place that you can return and embrace the nature. The fresh air and charming view will surely make you happy.

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