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Yuyuantan Park

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Yuyuantan Park lies in the southern end of Sanlihe Road in Haidian District, the west part of Beijing City. Its main gate directly opposites with the Southern Road of the Altar of the Moon (Yuetan Nanjie). In the past it was known as Angler's Terrace (Diaoyutai) because in the Jin Dynasty, an official named Wang Yu secluded himself here in the guise of a fisherman.

Yuyuantan Park has a very good location. It is abut to the exalted Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the erecting Central TV Tower, the solemn Chinese Peoples Military Museum and the dignified China Century Altar. The whole park occupies an area about 140 hectares with more than 61 hectares are water surface. As early as Jin dynasty, the park was a famous scenic spot in the northwest suburb of the Jin Capital. The charming place like the Yang Zun Lin Quan (a place that one can enjoy oneself with trees and springs) and the Diao Yu He Qu (fishing meandering pool) were both built according to the feudal scholar-bureaucrats interests. In 1773, Emperor Qianlong in Qing dynasty had an imperial resort constructed here. The lake was then dredged and enlarged with spring water diverted from the Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan). At that time, with the birds and the waterfowls assembled in the lake, the willows winded and the flowers blossomed, thus formed a rather beautiful landscape. In 1960, the park named Yuyuantan Park by the Beijing Government. After more than 40 years construction, the park has become a comprehensive park in Beijing downtown area nowadays.

Yuyuantan has three lakes including the East Lake, West Lake and the Bayi Lake. The northeast corner of the Bayi Lake was constructed as an Aquatic Amusement Park with an area of 18,500 square meters while the northwest corner built as a Cherry Blossom Garden. The Yuyuantan Garden has Spring Lingering Garden in the east and an Amusement Park in the West. While in the Zhongshan Island District, it stands the China Youth Hero Monument that built in 1990. The Central TV Tower adds a new view to the garden. When the sun shines, the shadow of the tower would reflect in the lake, which will present a splendid view to the visitors. Besides, when the cherry-blossom blooming in the spring and the chrysanthemum blossomed in autumn, together with the lush green trees and the simple and natural constructure, the Yuyuantan Park is really an ideal place for leisure.

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