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Yuran Primitive Tribe Amusement Park

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Yuran Primitive Tribe Amusement Park locates at the foot of the Mutianyu Great Wall in Liuduhe Village Bohai Town, 10 miles away from the center of the Huairou County.

Covering an area of 1,000 mu, the amusement park has divided into four areas. In the sightseeing area, visitors can see the primitive rock paintings, totem, mask and different shapes of stones. They can visit the hut of the primitive man; appreciate the etiquette performance of the Saman Sect of the ancient religion in the living area. In the gameland, visitors can shoot an arrow with a bow and hunt the wild animal like the primitive man. While in the entertainment area, visitors can paddle on the river and ride a horse in the forest. In the night, visitors could live in the hut that built upside a tree. All of the activities and sightseeing will really make you immerge in the environment and the culture of the primitive society. For those who are tired of the blatant city, Yuran Primitive Tribe Amusement Park is a very good place among your choice.

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