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Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park

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Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park is located in the west of Miyun County, about 82 kilometers from Beijing. It is a famous tourist resort in the suburb of Beijing. The beautiful view has earned it a reputation of Xiao Huangshan (Huangshan is one of the five holy mountains in China).

Covering a total area of 2,208 hectares, the peak of the mountain is as high as 1,414 meters. There are dense forests within the area. The coverage of vegetation is 91 percent. The forest park has an advantage in the resources of peaks, stones, pools, waterfalls, clouds and trees. It is known for its magnificence, danger, beauty, darkness and openness. The mountain has a typical mountainous climate. The average temperature is between 20-24 degrees in summer. The clouds not only make the mountain cool but also create a wonderful scene. It is an ideal place for vacation, Rehabilitation, scientific exploration and camping.

Guiguzi Fort in the Yunmeng Mountains is said to be the place where the military strategist Master Sun Bin who lived in the Spring and Autumn Period learned his craft. The village contains ancient-style log cabins. The summit of the mountain resembles an armchair and legend has it that this chair was the throne of the commander of the fort. To date, no one has ever ascended this throne.

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