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Yun Ju Temple

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Yun Ju Temple is located at the foot of Bai Dai Mountain within the boundary of Fangshan district, southwest of Beijing, 70 kilometers from Beijing city proper. To the east is Shangfangshan Mountain while to the west is the Ju Ma River.

Covering an area about 70,000 square meters, it is a treasure house composed of sutra storing caves in Stone Sutra Mountain and pagoda groups dates back to Tang and Liao dynasty with ancient Buddhist culture features. Yun Ju Temple is the assembling place of the Buddhist classics. Stone sutra, paper sutra and wood block sutra inside the temple claim to be the Three Superbs. They have great value in the research of studying the ancient history and culture and are the precious culture relics under state protection.

Yun Ju Temple was built at the end of Sui Dynasty and the beginning of Tang Dynasty. Through the repair of successive dynasties it has 5 courtyards and 6 palaces with side halls, emperor's palace, monk rooms and guest room stand in each side. It is built against the mountain and broad in scale. The south pagoda and the north pagoda stand facing each other.

With 9 sutra caves on the mountain slope, Stone Sutra Mountain has an elevation of 450 meters. Among the caves, Lei Yin Cave has an open style. It is wide like a palace with stone sutras carved by Monk Jing Wan mounted on the inside walls. There are 4 stone pillars in the cave with 1056 carved Buddhist figures. Hence it got the name Thousand-Buddha Pillars. There are totally about 4196 pieces of stone sutra stored in the 9 caves. Two pagodas on the Stone Sutra Mountain were built in Tang Dynasty 1200 years ago. At present, 7 pagodas of Tang Dynasty, 5 pagodas of Liao Dynasty and other upright stone tablets of Sui and Tang dynasties has well-preserved in Yun Ju Temple.

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