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Yuetan Park

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Yuetan Park (the Altar of Moon) is located at the Yuetan Xijie (Yuetan Western Street) in Xicheng District, Beijing. It was first built in Ming dynasty Jiajing period in 1530, and it used to be the place that the Ming and Qing Emperors used to sacrifice the Queen of Night. At present, it is one of the classic gardens in the capital and also belongs to one of the famous Five Altars and Eight Temples in Beijing.

The park covers an area of 8.12 hectares and has south garden and north garden two parts. Inside the park planted many pines, cypresses and many ornamental plants such as the megranate trees, the sweet-scented osmanthus and phoenix trees. Ancient architectures such as the Bell Tower, Heavenly Gate and the Storehouse of the God are all well preserved. In 1983, the park has rebuilt with many new attractions of the moon theme according to the legend such as the Lanyue Pavilion, Jiyue Pavilion, Yuegui Pavilion and the Yuetan Palace with the double ring moon pond, the cold and wild bridge and the sculpture of the goddess run to the moon.

All of the constructions in the park are related with "moon". Plus the historical and culture background, the park has become a famous tourist attraction for admiring moon, especially in Mid-autumn Day since moon stands for family reunion in Chinese.

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