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Yudu Mountain Nature Reserve

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Yudu Mountain Nature Reserve is located in Jinjiapu Town Yanqing District, the north suburb of Beijing. To the east is Longqing Gorge; to the west is Songshan Mountain National Nature Reserve. Yudu Mountain Nature Reserve lies in the remote mountains with an area of 9,820 hectares. It is a well-preserved virgin land by nature around the Beijing area.

Yudu Mountain Nature Reserve is a beautiful landscape composed of wandering mountains, peculiar stones, lush green forest, limpid springs, nice waterfalls, blossoming flowers and vigorous grass. The reserve has rich vegetations, exuberant plants and abundant resources of wild animals with over 16 including leopard, antelope and golden hawk were ranked as the key protection animals by state. Yudu Mountain Nature Reserve has an area about more than 100 square kilometers with the prime of the scenic spots centralized on 58 square kilometers. The main area could be divided into 6 scenic areas with 56 sights, which including scenic area of high gorges and flat lakes, Yudu Mountai scenic area, scenic area of Stone Buddha Temple, scenic area of the main peak of Haituo Mountain, Shuangsong scenic area and the Erlong Mountain scenic area. Besides, one could also view some historical sites as the former Jade Emperor Temple and Shuangsong Temple, which only leave some walls and vestiges.

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