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Yuan Capital City Wall Site Park

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Yuan Capital City Wall Site Park, which built as the foundation of the Yuan capital city wall site, is also called Tucheng Park for short. With a history of over 700 years, the city wall was first built in 1267 by the Yuan emperor Kublai Khan in 18 years time. The rampart of the Yuan capital city wall was built by earth and has a length of more than 28,000 meters.

In order to protect the historical site, the central government has built a park at the site since 1988. The park, which spans 9 kilometers and covers an area from Chaoyang and Haidian district, is the largest strip shaped park in the Beijing city. The part of the park in Chaoyang District is located on both sides of Zhongzhou Road. With the Huizhongancun of Taiyanggong Township at the east and Deqing Road at the west, the park stretches south to Tucheng Nanlu and north to Tucheng Beilu. It ranges 4.8 kilometers from east to west and measures 103-160 meters from north to south. Occupying 67 hectares, the park is naturally divided into 7 blocks with 9 scenic areas. Visitors can see the famous sight Jimen Yanshu at Huangtingzi and the sculpture of the warrior of Yuan dynasty. Xiaoyue River is the main water scene site of the Yuan Dynasty Capital City Wall Site Park. The park ranges from the river to the south and north respectively. Along the river, many trees as the acacias, pines and willows are swinging in the wind.

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