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Yinhu Cave

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Yinhu Cave is located in the old site of the Xiannong Altar in Haidian District. It was the first theme museum of its kind in China that concentrates on the display of the ancient architecture styles, techniques and its development. Those collections have great value on both archaeology research and art appreciating. It also can help people better understand the old and charming Chinese culture.

As a carrier of human being's civilization, buildings act as the milestones to record the developing achievements of human society in each period. It is regarded as a symbol of a nation's contribution to the human being's civilization. Chinese ancient architecture has become a glorious page in the development of the world architecture due to its unique style and long history.

Lots of pictures, photos, material objects and elaborate models exhibit in the Yinhu Cave. It introduces Chinese ancient architecture development from the preliminary status of hutch and mud house to the high rising circumvallation in Ming and Qing Dynasty with the palace building in neat formation while reappears Chinese labor people's marvelous creativity and the Chinese ancient architecture's long history and brilliant achievements at the same time.

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