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Yangtai Mountain Scenic Spot

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Yangtai Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Baianhe Haidian District, the northwest part of Beijing City. With an area of 16 square kilometers, Yangtai Mountain has been a famous scenic spot since ancient times. During the period of emperor Zhangzong in Jin dynasty, the well-known Eight Grand Spring Courts in West Hill were built. Two of them are located in Yangtai Mountain Scenic Spot, which are the Goden Spring Court (JinshanTemple at present) and the Fragrant Spring Court (Fayun Temple at present).

The highest peak in Yangtai Mountain range has an altitude about 1,276 meters. The scenic spot has various plants and abundant vegetation levels. It has different views in each season. With the apricot and peach blossom in spring, the limpid springs in summer, the red leaves in autumn and the beautiful snow view in winter, the Yangtai Mountain has offered a grand view to visitors.
Jinshan Temple in Yangtai Mountain is famed for its three-rare. The first rare is the Gongsun Forest. Gongsun is gingko, also called white fruit, which is very precious and known as the living fossil of vegetables in China. The second rare is the Jinshan Spring, which is one of the famous springs in West Hill of Beijing. The spring is clear, cool and sweet and full of many microelements that are very good to human body. The third rare is the Lord Guanyus statue in the Yuqing Hall. With a scepter hold in hands, the statue of Lord Guan has a grim look and a well-shaped figure. It was considered as a very good sculpture work. However, it could'nt be found nowadays. What a pity!

Yangtaishan scenic spot is a nice place for mountaineering, barbequing, and holding open-air banquets. Farmhouses in the orchard offer traditional rural Chinese food. People could also go fishing in the Sun Pond Lake inside the scenic spot. At night there are barbeque parties and camping activities. Fruit picking events are held annually. In a word, all of the people will enjoy themselves in Yangtai Mountain Scenic Spot.

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