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Yangping Guildhall

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Yangping Guildhall is located in Xiaojiang Hutong, Chongwen District. It was built in 1802, the 7th year of the Jiaqing period, in Qing Dynasty.
Yangping Guildhall is famous for its theatre building---The Drama Tower, which is a major construction and intact theatre building of the Qing Dynasty in Beijing. It is known as the largest and the most exquisite and excellent drama tower of Qing architecture style in Beijing.

The Drama Tower has two floors. The stage stands in the upper floor with platforms in the rest three sides. There are stairs in each corner. Usually the platforms in the upper floor are prepared for the rich. The first floor is a square pond with desks and chairs, which are the seats of common people. Many stone inscriptions and plaque with great historical and cultural value can be found in the tower. Nowadays, when you visit the Yangping Guildhall, you can not only find the beauty of the Chinese architecture in old times, but also can enjoy the excellent traditional Chinese opera. The tour to Yangping Guildhall will surely be an interesting and exciting one.

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