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Muesum of the Ruins of the Yan State Capital in Western Zhou Dynasty

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The ruins of the Yan State Capital in Western Zhou Dynasty were excavated in Liulihe Town Fangshan District during the 1970s providing strong evidence that Beijing was an ancient civilized capital city 3,045 years ago.

A museum was built on the ruins, featuring two tombs and unearthed relics such as China's biggest bronze tripod, lacquerware, pottery, zax, spicula, bone hairpin, copper sword and jade crafts. And it has opened to public in 1995 under the state protection. Covering an area of 20,667 square meters, the museum is a group of pavilion-shaped building with Tang dynasty's architecture style. It composes of exhibition hall, storeroom, two grave areas and two delves with horses and gharries. Many historical relics with great value has unearthed from the ruins. Those precious art collectors represent the creativity, ability and wisdom of ancient Chinese. And they have do great contribution to the development of the human civilization.

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