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Xihaizi Park

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Xihaizi Park locates in Tongzhou District, the suburb of Beijing. It covers an area of 210 mu with 80 mu are water surface. The park was first built in 1936 and expanded in 1985. It is a comprehensive park with entertainment facilities, beautiful natural views and some historical and cultural relics.
Occupying an area over 5,800 square meters, the Children Amusement Park lies in the center of the park. Over 50 electronic toys are provided for children. And there are also some other activities like dodgems, corsair, crazy mouse and so on. It is really a fairyland for visitors. While in the lake area, visitors could enjoy themselves by paddling, swimming, angling or skiing in the winter. When rushing down from the ten meters high water slide, they will experience the passion of the modern life.

The famous Randengfo Dagoba is well preserved in the park. It was built in Northern Zhou dynasty 1,300 years ago and has known as the symbol of the ancient Tongzhou. It has rebuilt many times since Tang Dynasty. Constructed by brick and wood, the dagoba has a perimeter of 38 meters and a height of 56 meters. With eight sides, eight corners and thirteen floors, the dagoba totally has 2,224 copper bells. It sounds dulcet when the wind blowing through.

Encompassed by verdant pines and cypresses, the Grave of Mr. Li Zhuowu situates in the northwest corner of the park. Li Zhuowu (1527-1602) was a famous thinker in Ming dynasty. He had profound knowledge and dared to reveal the hypocrisy of the feudal morality; attack the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius and has unique perspective to judge more than 800 famous historical characters. His opinion was obviously against the ruling thought of the government and was not accepted by the society. So at last, he was forced to death in jail. His friend Ma Jinglun buried him in Horse Field in Tongzhou. And it has moved to the park in 1985.

Xihaizi Park has fresh air and beautiful environment. It plants more than 10,000 flowers and trees with over 60 species. Visitors could also see the 500 years old Japanese pagoda tree. Landscape Pavilions with different styles were built on the old city site based rockery. Visitors will feel relaxed and happy in the pretty park with fragrant flowers and dulcet birds sound. Xihaizi Park is a bright pearl that embedded in the Tongzhou City.

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