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Xianqi Cave

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Xianqi Cave is located in Dongguanshang Village Zhangfang Town in Fangshan District, 100 kilometers away from the urban area of Beijing.
At about 500 meters above sea level, the cave contains various attractions as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, straw, curtains, flowstones on the wall, stone flowers, stone hairs and stone pearls. With a length about 4,000 meters, Xianqi Cave can be divided into three layers. Visitors could boat on a 450-meter waterway to see the vivid and colorful formations of various types of stalagmite and stalactite. Stone pagoda, stone fall, stone mirror and stone lotus with their beautiful and lifelike formation have attracted many visitors and have great value on scientific research. With such beautiful natural views, it is known as the Fairyland in Beijing.

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