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Xiannong Altar

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Xiannong Altar is situated in the west of Yongding Street, Xuanwu District. It was first built in Ming dynasty during the Yongle Period in 1420. The altar was the place that the emperors in both Ming and Qing dynasty used to sacrifice the God of Xiannong who was side to be the first god taught the ancient people how to farm.

China had always emphasized on agriculture since ancient times, so to sacrifice the God of Xiannong considered a very important activity in ancient time. The emperor himself would also farm on the land at that day in order to set an example to the citizens and to pray the harvest.
Xiannong altar built by bricks and stones in square shape with 15 meters long and wide and 1.5 meters high. The north of the altar is a hall with 5 rooms where present the tablet of the God of Xiannong in respect. East room is the Divine Warehouse while the west room is the Divine Kitchen. The northwest is the Animal Sacrifice Pavilion. There are two Well Pavilion placed in each side of the hall. Besides, one can also see the main existing sacrificing building such as the Guangeng Platform, the Taisui Hall, Qingcheng Palace and the Hall of Clothes and Tools.

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