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White Dragon Pond

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White Dragon Pond is located along Longtan (Dragon Pond) Mountain, the east part of the Miyun Reservoir in Miyun County. It is 25 kilometers from Miyun City proper and 90 kilometers away from Dong Zhi Men in Beijing downtown area. It is a comprehensive natural holiday spot with both historical relics and beautiful natural sceneries.

The White Dragon Pond has picturesque sceneries. Visitors will enjoy themselves while touring around the tranquil mountain path; breathing the clear and fresh air; listening the sound of the nature and feeling the cool and limpid streams. It is a very good place for those who are tired of the blatant city and want to have a rest and find an outlet for their depressive heart.

White Dragon Pond has been a famous scenic spot since ancient time and it has attracted many famous people. Longquan (Dragon Spring) Temple inside the scenic spot was first built in Yuan dynasty. It has several ancient cypresses with more than 700 years old. Li Hongzhang---a famous official of Qing dynasty, inscribed the horizontal tablet of the temple. Besides, it also has some valuable steles that inscribed by famous person as Qi Jiguan and Yuan Shikai. Wulong Ancestral Temple, which was first built in Northern Song dynasty, also stands in the scenic spot. The inscribed steles written by emperor Qianlong and Jiaqing has set up in front of the temple. Beside the stele, one could find the Residential Pond of the White Dragon (Bailong Zhentan). Legend has it that a white dragon has lived in the deep pond. It drizzled in a vast area that locals have benefit a lot. Emperors of the past dynasties all viewed here as holy and sacred place. Hence, many historical relics as the Longquan Temple, Bodhisattva Hall, Wulong Ancestral Temple, Stone Torii and the Temporary Palace for Holiday Resort of Emperor Qianlong can be found here. Besides, it also left many poems written by renowned people. So it is really a pretty place full of historical and culture background.

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