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Wanping City

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Wanping City locates in the Fengtai District in Beijing. It is a historical site that close to the famous Marco Polo Bridge (Lugou Qiao in Chinese). First built in Ming dynasty in 1640, Wanping City has a long history. It is well known in the modern geopolitics since Marco Polo Bridge Incident in 1937, and the current wall still retain Japanese bullet holes.

With 640 meters from west to east and 320 meters from north to south, Wanping City is smaller than the average town. It was first built for military use; many soldiers lived here in Ming dynasty. It only has two city gates, to the east is the Shunzhi Gate and to the west is the Weiyan Gate, with a flagging connecting together. Along the two sides of the streets placed many caserns and posthouses. The high and firm rampart of Wanping City was built in brick and stone, with a city tower places in each side. Battlements around the rampart were used to cover and shoot in the war.
Being an important war site and historical place, around Wanping City are many commemorating buildings of the Anti-Japanese War including the Chinese Peoples Anti-Japanese War Memorial, the Martyr Cemetery of the Anti-Japanese War and the Sculpture Garden of the Anti-Japanese War. It is an important culture relics that under the government protection.

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