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Tian Chi Canyon Scenic Spot

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Tian Chi Canyon Scenic Spot lies in Huaibei Town Huairou County, 76 kilometers from Beijing City proper. It consists of the 1,000 square meter Tian Chi Lake, Wen Tao Gully (Wave-sound Hearing Gully), the Qing Ren Gully (Love Gully) and the Xiu Xian Cave (Leisure Cave).
The Xiu Xian Cave pierces through Mount Pang Long, is more than 200 meters deep, and is equipped with a teahouse and a chess room. The temperature within the cave is constant all year round. There is also a natural rock-climbing field, measuring more than 80 meters, which was the venue for the 1988 Chinese national rock-climbing competition. It has unique round footpath and the activity such as the rock-climbing and rushing down with a high speed will offer visitors an interesting and exciting experience.

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