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Temple of Earth

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Temple of Earth, namely the Ditan Park, is located at the east side of the Andingmenwai Dajie in Dongcheng district, Beijing. Temple of Earth, which built in 1530 in Ming dynasty, was used as the place that the emperors of Ming and Qing dynasty to offer the sacrifice to the God of Earth. And it is the biggest and the only well preserved altar for sacrificing the earth.

Occupying an area about 37.4 hectares, the park is a tranquil place with many lush green pines and cypresses. The temples and altars are setting among those trees. With its long history, it is a divinely imperial altar and temple garden. It mainly has the Fangze Altar, Imperial Respecting House, Sacrifice Slaughtering Pavilion, Fast Palace and the Divine Warehouse. Among those ancient architectures, the Fangze Altar, which also called Worship Platform, is the main building. Covering an area of 17,689 square meters, it is a magnificent altar of the world first class with two floors. Besides, in recent years, the park has built some new attractions including the Beijing Wax Museum, China Rose Garden, Peony Garden and the Collecting Fragrance Garden which have added more views and charming sights to the Temple of Earth Park. In addition, the entertainment activities including the Mini-Golf Course, the free Children Amusement Park, Gate Ball and others could also please the visitors.

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