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Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot

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Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot lies in the Shicheng Village Miyun County, 90 kilometers away from Beijing downtown area. It covers an area of 16 square kilometers and spans a total length of 8 kilometers. With lush green trees, exuberant forest and peculiar cliffs, the scenic spot has more than 70 natural sights as one lake, six waterfalls and thirteen ponds; and one spring and four pools. All of these have formed a beautiful natural landscape.

Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot has been divided into two areas and three views. Taoyuan Xianhu Lake is the water amusement area. It is an artificial reservoir with an average water depth about 8 meters and a dam of 13.5 meters high. While at here, visitors could take part in many activities as swimming, angling, paddling a boat and riding a double-seat bicycle. Taoyuan Pavilion is also a good place for rest and from where one can see the panoramic view of the whole lake. Xanadu (Shiwai Taoyuan) area is a place that surrounded by water and mountains. To the east, visitors could climb the Er Zuo Lou of the Great Wall; while to the west, one could see a waterfall hanging high above the cliffs. Wildlife and beautiful flowers add some fun to the tour. The splendid Taoyuan Xianpu Waterfall is more than seventy meters high. It is a rare and unique view that the waterfall may appear in morning but disappear in evening. So it was also called Yinxing Pu (Hidden Waterfall). Visitors could also view some unique and peculiar peaks as the Camel Peak, Qunxian Peak, Double Buddhist Peak, Golden Bell Peak, Butian Rock, General Stone and some others. Besides, the lush green trees as the silver birch, filbert, cypress, pine and fruit like grape and Chinese goosebeery has also made here a charming and attractive place to go.

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