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Tangzhishan Scenic Spot

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Tangzhishan Scenic Spot lies in Mulin Town, northeast part of Shunyi district in the suburbs of Beijing. Covering a total area of 15 square kilometers, it composes of Tangzhishan Grand Canyon which formed by Shentang Vale, Dazi Chimb and Shier Gully, Tangzhishan Mountain, Shentang Lake and its surrounding areas.

Shentang Lake in the west part of the scenic spot covers a water surface of 1.2 square kilometers. And many water amusement activities are underdeveloped. With lush green and exuberant trees, the Shentang Vale locates in the east part of the scenic spot. Inside the vale, Balengbei Mineral Spring which like a silver chain flowing along the mountain. And people could also hear the twittering of the birds. Besides, one could also find many historical and culture relics. While in the north of the scenic spot, there stands Shushan Mountain which is a branch of Yanshan Mountain Ranges. The elevation of highest peak of Shushan is 510 meters high. To the south, people could find other views as the Tangzhishan Mountain and the Dove Mountain. Tangzhishan Scenic Spot is a beautiful place that people could breathe fresh air as well as viewing the beautiful landscape.

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