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Songshan Forest Park

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Songshan Forest Park is located at the deep of Yanshan Mountain ranges in the northwest part of Yanqing District, 90 kilometers from Beijing city proper. Its highest peak Haituo Mountain has an altitude of 2,199 meters, only second to Lingshan Mountain in Mentougou District. It has listed as a national nature reserve since 1986 for its special geographical position, well preserved natural environment and abundant animal and plant resources.

Covering 4,660 hectares, Songshan Forest Park boasts abundant natural resources of wild animals and exuberant vegetation. It mainly protects natural Chinese pine trees and forest ecosystem of temperate zone as a whole. The Reserve boasts the only Chinese Pine forest in North China. In addition, the broadleaved forest consists of Chinese lindens, elm trees, birches and other broadleaved trees. There are more than 600 species of seed plants and 70 species of higher animals including some animals under state protection such as leopards and gorals. It can be viewed as a natural zoo and botanical garden.

Songshan Forest Park is famous for its rare pines, limpid streams and peculiar stones. Besides the dense forests, it has many nice scenic spots such as the Baipu Spring, Baxian Cave, Songyue Pond, Flying Dragon Cliff and so on. The famous Songshan spring, which contains many mineral elements, is an ideal place for medicinal treatment. It has healed the aches and pains of Chinese for ages. Today there are three hot spring pools at Songshan; covering 120 square meters, it could contain 300 bathers at the same time. With pleasant climate and charming natural views, it is an excellent place for holiday tour, at where visitors could breathe fresh air and embrace the nature and they will be happy and relaxed thoroughly.

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