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Shihua Cave

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Shihua Cave, which is also called Qianzhen Cave and Shifo Cave, locates in Nancheying Village Fangshan District, about 50 kilometers from the urban area of Beijing. Many stone flowers formed by stalagmite and stalactite were found in the cave, so it got the name Shihua (Stone Flower). Shihua Cave is one of the four limestone caves in China together with the famous Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, Yuhua Cave in Fujian and Yailin Cave in Hangzhou.

Shihua Cave is the representative of limestone caves in northern China. It can be divided into seven-floor. However, only one to three floors were opened to public at present with a total length about 2,500 meters. At here, visitors could see various kinds of stone flowers and animals like stone monkey, stone lines and stone peacocks. The cave has six closely linked floors. But only two floors, measuring a total of 1,222 meters in length, are open to the public. There is also a cauliflower-shaped crystal-clear stalactite, the first of its kind ever found in a Chinese limestone cave. The Shihua Cave has great value on scientific research and esthetics appreciation.

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