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Shi Du Scenic Spot

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Shi Du (Ten Ferry) Scenic Spot locates in Fangshan District, northwest suburb of Beijing. Lies in the upper reaches of the Ju Ma River, it is the only scenic spot that feature with dramatic karst limestone formations, craggy mountains and winding gullies in north China. Covering 300 square kilometers, peculiar mountains and limpid water has formed a beautiful natural landscape, and this scenic spot has famed as one of the sixteen new views in Beijing.

Ju Ma River originates from Lingqiu County in Shanxi Province. After flowing down through the valley of the Taihang Mountain, the water infloods into Fangshan area in Beijing. While in the 30 miles distance, the water has turned ten times in the big bays and therefore forms ten ferries. Hence, it got the name Ten Ferry (Shi Du). There are over 20 scenes in the Ten Ferry Scenic Spot. The First Ferry locates in the east Zhangfang area with pretty views. Flowing down streams, along the steep cliffs are the ferries from second to sixth. Visitors could see the main views as Stalagmite Peak, Penholder Mountain, Thousand-chi Window and so on. While from the seventh ferry to the tenth ferry, one could view the most splendid and magnificent view.

The area is like a beautifully painted corridor; crystal clear rivers cut through the mountains, and water-pools can be found at the feet of the slopes. Historic sites and cultural relics are dotted amongst the natural scenery. Entertainment facilities have been added in recent years so tourists can enjoy bungee jumping, water-skiing and other outdoor activities. Visitors will surely enjoy themselves here.

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