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Shangfangshan National Forest Park

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Shangfangshan National Forest Park is the most well preserved virgin forest area in north China. Locates in Hancunhe Town Fangshan District, Shangfangshan is 70 kilometers away from Beijing downtown area.

As one of the 20 key demonstrated state forest parks in the whole country, the park has many famous sceneries including the nine big caves with the Yunshui Cave as the representative, 12 peaks with Zhaixingtuo as the representative and 72 temples with Doushuai Temple as the most splendid one. Visitors could arrive the Doushuai Temple only after climbing the Cloud Ladder which constitutes 262 stone stairs along the cliff. Shangfangshan Mountain is a famous Buddhist Mountain, as early as Eastern Han dynasty; many temples as Doushuai Temple, Zangjing Pavilion and other temples have been built and trees has been planted here. Shangfangshan Mountain, therefore, known by the whole China with nine caves, twelve peaks and seventy-two temples.
The park covers an area of more than 5,300 mu with rare plants and flowers spread all over the park, among them, over one hundred are medicinal plants. Xiangchun, Guaizao and Huangjing are called three treasures as the specialties in Shangfangshan Mountain. It is a scenic area integrating the forest, cave, temple, mountain and stone as one whole. A lot of rare and ancient trees are growing in it, and so it is historically called quiet house near Beijing. Shangfangshan National Forest Park is famous for the charming natural view and historical culture relics. It is a very good place worth visiting.

Yunshui Cave
Yunshui Cave is 613 meters long, consisting of six halls with 108 natural spots. The cave also has the largest stalagmite in China, topping 37 meters. Various stalagmites and stalactites of grotesque shapes make the cave a wonderland. At the entrance of the cave, Mr. Zhao Puchu has written the three characters Yun Shui Dong in person.

Zhaixingtuo, also called Tianzhu Peak, is the highest peak in Shangfangshan Mountain with an elevation of 860 meters. Zhaixingtuo is the most beautiful peaks with charming natural views among the twelve peaks in Shangfangshan Mountain.

Doushuai Temple
Doushuai Temple, which also named Shangfang Temple, lies in the central of the cluster of mountains. It was first built in the end of Sui and early Tang dynasty. Being rebuilt in Ming dynasty, the main hall still has the Ming architecture style. While inside the temple, one could find many historical and culture relics as the Buddhist scripture, stone carvings, sutras and so on.
Besides, one could also visit the Pagoda Yard, Dizang Hall, Huayan Cave, Wenshu Hall, Chaoyang Nunnery, Guangci Nunnery, Longhu Valley, Ziyun Mountain Ranges and so on. Everyone will be attracted by the beautiful view.

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