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China Science and Technology Museum

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The Chinese Science and Technology Museum, which opened to public in 1988, is located in the northwest of Anhua Bridge on the Beisanhuan (North Third Ring) Road in Xicheng District, Beijing. It was the first national comprehensive museum of its kind.

The museum mainly constitutes three parts including the Exhibition Hall of the Ancient Technology, the Exhibition Hall of the Modern Science and Technology and the Astro-vision Theater. The Exhibition Hall of the Ancient Technology introduces the ancient Chinas astronomy, bronze melting and casting techniques, ancient architecture, embroidery, pottery, handicraft and the world-famous four great inventions in ancient China as the compass, gunpowder, papermaking and printing techniques. It displays the rocket and worship of ancient China, finely designed water mill, waterwheel and compass and so on. From there, people can see the glorious achievements of the ancient Chinese technology civilization. While in the Exhibition Hall of the Modern Science and Technology, through a large number of modern facilities (visitors can even experience some by themselves), the museum vividly displayed the science and technology fruit in many modern subjects such as the electromagnetism, mechanics, heat, acoustics, optics, nuclear technology and information technology. The Astro-vision Theater is one of the museum's major attractions and also one of the largest Astro-vision theaters in the world. It encapsulates state-of-the-art cinematography engineering that makes viewers feel they are participating in actual events rather than seeing a film.

Besides the permanent exhibitions, many influential science activities are also held at the museum, and the museum aims to become an important window showcasing the achievements of China's implementation of the strategy of revitalizing China through science and education.

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