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Pingxi Anti-Japanese Martyr Cemetery

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Pingxi Anti-Japanese Martyr Cemetery is located in Shidu Village Fangshan District, 96 kilometers away from the urban area of Beijing. Built in 1985, with an area of 25,000 square meters, the cemetery composes of the Martyr Monument, Pingxi Anti-Japanese Memorial and 100 Martyr Steles.

Over 50 years ago, Pingxi was a famous anti-Japanese base in west Beijing. The revolutionists of older generation, such as Ye Jianying, Pengzhen, Xiaoke, etc. had left their fighting steps there and tens of thousands of martyrs has sacrificed their life during the war. Currently, the memorials exhibition hall has mainly collected and exhibited more than 3000 pieces of precious historical data, such as real materials, poems and pictures to recall and commemorate the heroic and lovely martyrs. As the Youth Educational Base of Beijing Municipality and the National Patriotism Educational Base, the cemetery has also made great contribution on spreading patriotism and traditional revolutionary spirit to all the people and reminds them to cherish the happy life.

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