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Pagoda Forest on Silver Mountain

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Pagoda Forest on Silver Mountain (Yin Shan Ta Lin) also called Iron Cliff Silver Mountain (Tie Bi Yin Shan), it locates in the mountain area of north Changping District, the suburb of Beijing.

The Silver Mountain is formed by the black granite. While in winter, when the snow flowing down slowly, the snow white and the black of the mountain has a big contrast, hence it got the name Iron Cliff Silver Mountain. Silver Mountain not only has beautiful natural views, but also famous for a large amount of pagodas. Most of them were built in Liao dynasty with a history of more than 600 years. Those pagodas were beautifully sculpted and well arranged in the mountain, they are the precious heritage for study the ancient Chinese Buddha and the ancient architecture style of brick and stone structure. Besides, one can also see some other historical site as Ancient Buddha Rock and Chaoyang Cave.

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