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No.1 Waterfall in Capital Beijing

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No.1 Waterfall in Capital Beijing is located in Shicheng Village Miyun County, 100 miles northeast from Beijing city proper. With the largest water current in the suburb of Beijing, the No.1 Waterfall in Capital Beijing is formed by the Yunmeng Mountain springs. With a fall of 62.5 meters and a grade of 85 degree, the water directly rushing down from the cliff and therefore the cool air is full of cloud and mist. Once stepping into the valley, people will first hear the thundering noise of the waterfall before seeing it.

Inside the scenic spot, there are many natural sights such as the Six Ponds Connected as Pearls (Liu Tan Lian Zhu), Tongtain Pagoda, Fairyland on Earth, High Gorge and Tranquil Lake. With a fall of 200 meters, the total length of the whole scenic spot spans about 3 kilometer. It has more than ten waterfalls and ponds with each has its unique sculpt. Liu Tan Lian Zhu is a famous view inside the scenic spot. With different size and different depth, each pond of Liu Tan Lian Zhu is set one after another. It was beautifully created by nature. In winter, when the water congeals into ice, it has turned into a crystal ice world. Visitors can also climb on the frozen waterfall, which is a fancy and exciting experience. With peculiar cliffs, stones, ponds and pagodas, Jingdu Diyipu Scenic Spot is a good place for visitors.

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