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National Geology Park of Wood Fossil

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National Geology Park of Wood Fossil is located in the east mountainous area of Yanqing District, about 100 kilometers away from the Beijing city proper. Along the two banks of the White River, the park is 26 kilometers long from east to west and 6 to 8 kilometers wide from south to north with a total area of 226 square meters. The park is famous for its largest cluster of wood fossil found in northern China, which formed in the Jurassic Period about 14,000,000 to 18,000,000 years ago.
Wood fossil, which also called siliceous wood, was the product of the middle Jurassic period. About more than 14,000,000 years ago, all kinds of gymnosperm were over growth in Yanqing district. However, because of the strong movement of the earths crust, a large amount of virgin forest were embedded rapidly under the dissolved rocks of the volcano. For a rather long period, the wood was infiltrated with the water containing of many mineral elements, and it has finally formed the wood fossil which has great value on geological research. Most of the wood fossils found in Qianjiadian Town are stand-up with clear growth ring and texture. And their surfaces are appearing as snuff color or offwhite. The diameter of the most wood fossil is one meters long or so with the biggest could reach to 2.5 meters. Besides, the geological park also has abundant natural scenic spots as Dishuihu Scenic Spot, Wulong Gorge, Yan Great Wall, Ancient Mountain Village, Yanshan Mountain Heavenly Pond and so on. And all of these have formed a beautiful natural landscape.

Dishuihu Scenic Spot
Dishuihu (Water-dropping Pot) Scenic Spot locates in Qianjiadian Town, the east part of Yanqing District. It is a small waterfall with a fall of 20 meters. The lower part of the waterfall is wider and broader than the top; just like the water spilling down from a pot, hence it got the name Dishuihu (Water-dropping Pot). The waterfall is like a curtain waved by the golden silk. In summer, after a rain, the view will become more splendid. While in winter, the ice world is also attracted.

Wulong Gorge
Wulong Gorge locates five meters away from Dishuihu Scenic Spot in Yanqing District. It features with green mountain, limpid water and tranquil dingle. With many limestone caves of weird shape, it is also a very good place for exploration. One could also find limpid water inside the caves. While walking along the one-kilometer trestle built along the precipitous cliff, all the beautiful views around are under your eyes.

Yanshan Moutain Heavenly Pond
Yanshan Mountain Heavenly Pond situates 20 kilometers northeast away from Yanqing District, the north suburb of Beijing. Its main area is Baihepu Reservoir. With charming natural views and pleasant climate, it is an ideal summer resort. While at there, people could choose all kinds of water activities as boating, diving, whiffing, drifting and aeroboat. And they will surely enjoy themselves.

Datan Second- growth- forest Nature Reserve
Datan Sceond-growth-forest Nature Reserve is located in the south bank of White River in Qianjiadian Town Yanqing District. Covering a total area of 47 square kilometers, it is the zoology tourist area of the National Geology Park of Wood Fossil. The reserve has abundant natural resources with 72 species of plants from 3 families; over 20 kinds of medicinal materials like earthworm; 30 kinds of birds like pied magpie, sparrow and eagle; and more than 19 species of animals as leopard, wolf, badger and so on, which are under the key protection of the state or municipality.

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