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Nanhaizi Milu Park

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Nanhaizi Milu Park lies in Luquan Village Daxing County, 14 kilometers south from Beijing downtown area. Covering an area of over 60 hectares, Nanhaizi---the former Imperial Hunting Park with swamp, grassland, pond and woodland boasts the best living habitat for the milu deer. And it is known as the first nature reserve for free-ranging milu deers in China.

Milu, also called Si Bu Xiang in Chinese, was once an indigenous species living in the central swamps of China. About 1,000 years ago, due partly to human encroachment and natural disasters, the species became extinct in its original habitat. The only survivors were a few hundred milu living in the former Imperial Hunting Park in South Beijing during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). In 1865, a French missionary and naturalist, Pere Armand David, discovered this rare species, and sent some of the deer to France. From then on, the deer gained the name of "Pere David's deer" in honor of the French missionary. Later on, milu were sent out of China to zoos and private parks in Europe. It was in 1985, the milu has finally returned to its home and was first bred in Nanhaizi Milu Park. From then on, the milu deer lives happily in its original habitat and has multiplied quickly.

Besides, the park has also introduced many other kinds of animals of the family cervid like the red deer, water deer, spotted deer, sambar, roe, hog deer, white-lipped deer and so on. It really is a museum of the cervid family.

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