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Micro View Garden of Old Beijing City

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Micro View Garden of Old Beijing City, which run by a joint venture of both China and America has opened to public in 1994. It locates in Nankou Town Changping District, 38 kilometers from Beijing downtown area.

As the development of China, Beijing has become a major metropolis. While in the process of social progress, the city could hardly keep its original style. However, the Micro View Garden of Old Beijing City has restructured the style and features of the old Beijing city in Ming and Qing Period. The garden has built many imperial palace, imperial gardens, temples and streets of ancient style as a proportion of 1:15, which has vividly displayed the splendid Beijing culture and its excellent folk custom. Covering an area of 500, 000 square meters, the garden has composed of three sections as Garden Touring Area, Custom Street and Receiving Area. Take the last period of Qing dynasty as the social background, the garden which assembles many old stores, tea house and restaurants also provides many kinds of performance with strong characteristics of old Beijing as Peking opera, martial art and acrobatics. Besides, one could also taste delicious local snacks and admire beautiful handicrafts with excellent craftsmanship. It has offered a window for visitors from both China and overseas to experience and understand more about the old Beijing and know more about the splendid Chinese culture and ancient civilization.

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