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Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot

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Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot lies in Mentougou District, the west suburb of Beijing. Miaofeng Mountain, with its towering peaks rising majestically to a height of more than 1,300 meters, is the major peak in the northern range of the Western Hills. Situated at a distance of about 70 kilometers from downtown areas, its sheer cliffs, jutting crags and tortuous mountain paths make it one of the most renowned scenic spots in northern China.

Miaofeng Mountain is also famous for the ancient temples. Toward the end of the Ming Dynasty, it was the custom to hold temple fairs on Miaofeng Mountain every year during the fourth month of the lunar calendar. Many faithful pilgrims were attracted from all over north China. Nowadays, there are still many well-preserved temples as Yangshan Qiyin Temple and Dayun Temple which were the famous imperial temples of Liao dynasty; the Temple of the God of Mount Tai (Dong Yue Miao) which were built in Ming dynasty. But the most famous one is perhaps the Shrine of the Great Goddess of the Blue Sky (Bi Xia Yuan Jun Ci), which also called the Temple of Niangniang. Inside of the Temple of Niangniang, it has sacrificed the statues of five female deities which are the Sacred Goddess of the Heavenly Sages (Tianxian Shengmu), the Sacred Goddess of Brilliant Insight (Yanguang Shengmu) and the Goddess of Sons and Grandsons (Zisun Niangniang), the Goddess of Macula (Banzhen Niangniang) and the Goddess for Giving Birth (Songsheng Niangniang).

The traditional folk-custom temple fair lasts for more than 400 years. And Miaofeng Mountain has long been the religious center since Qing dynasty. It was also the favorite place for the emperors. Emperor Kangxi of Qing dynasty has granted the title Golden Peak to Miaofeng Mountain; Emperor Qianlong granted the Temple of Niangniang as the Temple of Inspiration (Ling Gan Gong) and emperor Jiaqing had written the stone inscriptions of Huiji Ancestral Temple. Miaofeng Mountain is known as the cradle of Chinese culture of folk-custom.

Famous for ancient temple, peculiar stones and lush green old trees, Miaofeng Mountain boasts beautiful natural views. It has a natural botanical garden with the largest amount of sandalwood forest in northern China. Due to its unique microclimate, the cloud and mist wreathe the top of the mountain, which is like a fairyland. Besides, people could also visit the famous natural sights as the Water-dropping Rock and A Gleam of Sky with Rosy Clouds; the historical sites like the Ancient Incense Path (Guxiangdao) with the site of tea stalls, stone grind and stone carvings on the cliffs and the Villa of Johnston (Johnston was the English teacher of Chinas last emperor Puyi). Miaofeng Mountain is also a very good place for viewing sunrise and sunglow.

While at Miaofeng Mountain, the thousand-mu Rosary with the laurel of one superb in north China is also worth visiting. The soil, water quality, climate and other environment in Miaofeng Mountain supply an excellent natural habitat for rose. Every year in June, when the roses are blossoming all over the mountain and valleys, the splendid view and strong fragrance supply an enchanting and charming sight to all the visitors. Everyone who goes to Miaofeng Mountain will surely enjoy him or herself!

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