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Lord Yangs Ancestral Temple

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Lord Yangs Ancestral Temple is located in Hedong Village Gubeikou Town in Miyun County. It was built in Song and Liao Period by the government and the locals to commemorate the famous patriotic general Yang Ye in northern Song Dynasty. The story about Yang Ye and his family was well known by the Chinese. And their spirit as loyalty and patriotism are worth learning by all the Chinese.

The ancestral temple totally has two courtyards with each has a main hall. Covering an area about 600 square meters, the Front Hall holds the sculpture of the male while the Back Hall holds the female of Yangs family. Side rooms and Buddhist Hall are situated at the east and west side of the Front Hall. Outside the Mountain Gate, visitors could also see the inscriptions on the wall---Wei Zhen Bian Guan, Qi Zhuang Shan He. Those eight characters are the vivid portraiture of the legend of Yangs family. Their spirit will surly be last and spread for long.

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