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Longtan Park

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Longtan Park (Dragon Pool Park) can be directly found between the Temple of Heaven and the Beijing Amusement Park in Chongwen District. The park was first built in 1952 with a total area of 49.2 hectares. After the park had finished, it corresponded with the Longxugou (Dragon Beard Channel) in geographical location; and the water in the pool was very clear and limpid different from the past time, so the famous architect and scholar Liangsicheng named the park Longtan (Dragon Pool).

With three lakes connected together, the Longtan Park is a theme park mainly manifests the Chinese Dragon Culture. In order to give prominence to the image of dragon, nearly all the architectures and sceneries in the park have relation with dragon. For instance, the dragon pool, dragon hill, dragon gate, dragon pavilion, dragon falls and so on. The park has also planted many dragon pagoda trees, dragon cypress, Chinese dragon date, dragon mulberry and so forth. The park has many beautiful scenic spots including the dragon pool, dragon gate, central island, stone forest with various characters of dragon, dragon reciting cabinet and the lotus pond.

With the theme of spreading the Chinese dragon Culture, the Longtan Park is a new type of city garden which combined the northern classical architecture style and the modern gardening arts together. With beautiful scenes, advanced facilities and very good service, Longtan Park has become an important exercise and entertainment place for the residents in Beijing and has also attracted numerous visitors each year.

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