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Longqing Gorge

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Longqing Gorge locates in Gucheng Village Yanqing District, 85 kilometers from the heart of Beijing City. Longqing Gorge has the reputation of Small Li River Outside the Great Wall and has been known as one of Beijing's 16-tourist sites.

Longqing Gorge with a river in Gucheng Village flowing through was called Nine Bends in Gucheng before. Since Yanqing District called Longqing State at ancient time, so the artificial reservoir built on the river got the name Longqing, which is known as todays Longqing Gorge. With limpid water, wandering valley and lofty peaks, Longqing Gorge is a natural scenic spot blending the gracefulness of southern China with the north's power and grandeur.

At the entrance of the scenic spot, one could admire the bold and vigorous characters of Long Qing Xia written by the former president Jiang Zemin. Looking from a distance, one could see a giant dragon lying along the slope of the mountain with the dragon tail lifting up and the head perking between the valley, which is vivid and lifelike from both figure and expression. Actually, the giant dragon is the modernized dragon-shaped elevator group which could directly lead to the dock at the top of the 72 meters dam, at where people could start their exciting boating tour.
Longqing Gorge boasts beautiful natural views. There are totally more than 30 scenes inside the scenic spot including Baihua Immortal Cave, Immortal Courtyard, Jade Emperor Peak, Jingang Temple and so forth. Touring around the valley by water, one could also view the beautiful Zhenshan Rulai, Bell Mountain and Phoenix Coronet. In summer, the limpid water, green mountain, fresh air and cool weather constitute a very good resort for visitors. While in winter, it provides a fairyland for viewing ice-lantern. Due to shade from mountains towering on both sides, the area has an ice period about four months in a year, which provides an ideal venue for the annual ice-lantern festival. Each year during the festival, about 80 groups of ice lanterns, ice-and-snow sculptures and ice slides are displayed along the 300 meters gorge. Colorful lights and nice exhibitions add more fun to the tour.

Besides, visitors could also take part in all kinds of entertainment activities like bungee jumping, upper air cable car and flying down with a high speed. Longqing Gorge is really an excellent tourist destination.

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