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Lingshan Mountain Natural Scenic Spot

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Lingshan Mountain Scenic Spot lies in the western part of Mentougou District, 122 kilometers from the Beijing downtown area. With an elevation of 2,303 meters, Lingshan Mountain is known as the highest peak in Beijing.

The vegetation in Lingshan varied with the raise of the altitude. One could find vegetation in temperate zone as well as in cold zone. The alp meadow above 1,900 meters is the most famous place, since it is the only natural breeding field of the Xinjiang Napping Sheep, Erie Horse and Qingzang Yak in Beijing. Pine, birch, linden and more than 500 kinds of shrubs and herbaceous plants cover the mountain. Lingshan Mountain is especially beautiful in the autumn when the leaves begin to change, and thus provides another good place for admiring the red leaves. While in winter, Lingshan Mountain Ski Resort is also a very good destination for people.

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