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Laoxiang Peak

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Laoxiang Peak (Old Elephant Peak) situates in Xiaoyuzi Village Dahuashan Town at Pinggu District, 80 kilometers apart from Beijing downtown area. The scenic spot is lying in a grand canyon with rich vegetation and exuberant trees. Scan widely to the north, a peak which is like a vivid and lifelike huge elephant is standing in the valley with the head of the elephant facing to the west. It is 51.8 meters high and 82 meters long. Hence, the locals call it Laoxiang Peak (Old Elephant Peak). Laoxiang Peak Scenic Spot covers an area of more than 40 square kilometers. It is a natural wandering valley with luxuriant forests, beautiful flowers and peculiar cliffs. Over 30 scenes are dotted in the green mountain and blue sky. The main attractions are the Xianglu Cave, Dice Fossa, Shicui Lake, Ancient Rampart and so on. Thousand-mu orchard and wild chrysanthemums growing in the hillside also add more attracting and charming sights to the valley.

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