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Kaiyuan Temple

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Kaiyuan Temple, which locates in Shunyi District at the suburb of Beijing, was a famous Buddhist temple. In China, there are more than ten temples distributed in the vast land that named Kaiyuan. According to the historical material, in 738 AD---the Kaiyuan period of the Tang dynasty, emperor Xuanzong ordered to build or rebuild a temple and named Kaiyuan in each state, which was used to hold important Buddhist fairs or ceremonies to celebrate Xuanzongs birthday. Nowadays, besides the Kaiyuan temple in Shunyi, we could still find the Kaiyuan temple in Quanzhou, Zhengding, Chaozhou, Taiwan, Fujian, Nanchang and some other places.

Kaiyuan Temple in Shunyi was called Kaiyuan Wanshou Buddhist Temple in Yuan dynasty and has changed to Kaiyuan Zhenguo Buddhist Temple in Ming dynasty. After the rebuilt of several dynasties, the architecture style has combined the characteristics of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Therefore, the temple is one of the outstanding examples of the Chinese architecture and art. Occupying an area of 203 mu, the solemn and splendid temple with a large scale is a relatively completed construction group of the Tang dynasty. Covering four courtyards, the temple composes Jingang Hall, Heavenly King Hall, Daxiong Baodian Hall and Storing Building for Buddhist Classics. Corridors in east and west side also have the ancient constructions as the Kwan-yin Pavilion, Abbot House and so on. Besides, some other historical and culture relics like stone carvings, Buddhist sculptures, Buddhist classics and other valued objects could be also found here.

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