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Jiulong Amusement Park

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Jiulong Amusement Park locates in the east side of Thirteen Tombs Reservoir in Changping District, the north suburb of Beijing. It is a large-scale underwater amusement park with the characteristic of Disney Land run by both China and Japanese companies. And it has become an important tourist destination in northern Beijing.

The amusement composes of both land and water part. The main buildings on the ground include courtyard style dining rooms, yacht dock, viewing platform, grand hall of dragon palace, meandering corridor and so on. The architecture complex in water is the main building of the park. According to the legend of the sea world and the dragon king, it can be divided into nine views like coral jungle, crystal world and so on with the main subject as the dragon palace under water. The Jiulong Amusement Park also has three marvelous views which are the Jiulong (nine-dragon) Palace with an architecture style of nine posts, nine girders, nine ridges and nine angles; a fresco named dream of dragon built by 3 tons 4-inch iron nails; and soul of dragon with 200 painting sets of totem and calligraphy about dragon since Qin dynasty.

Besides, there are more than 3,000 ornamental fish with 20 species in 4 families. Tetele Science Fiction Exploration Hall, which boasts a 15 meters high and 21 meters wide super screen and 100 set of simulating chairs, is very interesting. There are also many water activities as drifting and all kinds of yacht. In addition, one could also appreciate the wonderful summer concert and the renowned international dragon boat competition in the park.

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