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Jiufeng National Forest Park

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Jiufeng National Forest Park is situated in Haidian District, the northwestern part of Beijing city. Only 2 kilometers away from Zhongguancun High-tech Garden and 18 kilometers northwest of the Summer Palace. Jiufeng literally means the Golden Eagle Peak. Looking from a far distance, two mountain peaks stand and face with each other, as it were a vivid golden eagle which flapping the wings and preparing to fly. Therefore, the park got the name Jiufeng (Golden Eagle Peak).

Jiufeng National Forest Park is rich in natural resources. It occupies a space of more than 800 hectares with 96.2% are forests. With 684 species of the vegetation, the park can be called the natural treasure house of the green vegetations. For many years, the park is not only served as the teaching, researching and practicing place for the Beijing Forest University and six other universities, every year there are also many pupils and middle school students come to the park and held some scientific activities including planting trees, investigating the diversity of the biology, collecting and making samples and so on.

Jiufeng National Forest Park has an annual average temperature about 12.2 C. The peak, which ranked the second in Haidian District, is 1153 meters high. The whole park contains three scenic areas including the Jiufeng Central Scenic Area, the Zhaieryu Vale Area and the Luobadi Mountaintop Area. The Jiufeng Central Scenic Area mainly has some historical and cultural sites and many natural views. At there, people can find as many as 28 scenic spots and most of them are historical sites like the Kwan-yin Cave, the first Earthquake Platform built by the Chinese government, Xiangtang Temple built in Qing dynasty, Xiufeng Temple in Ming dynasty, Puzhao Temple in Jin dynasty and many others. The main view in Zhaieryu Vale Area is the man-made forest sights, the peculiar stones and various ornamental plants. It is also a main road to the Niangniang Temple in Miaofeng Mountain for burning incense. Visitors can also see many scenic spots along the vale. Luobadi Mountaintop Area lies in an altitude of over 900 meters. Vast forest, millions of wild flowers and alp meadows constitute a unique and charming view. About 14 scenic spots as the Yangliulang Pogada and the Air Garden are add more beauty to this area. The Jiufeng Mountain is also a paradise of the small animals. Pheasant, hare, roe, squirrel and any other kind of birds are living in here happily and harmoniously.

For the sake of better protecting and using the existing resources, the park has built many facilities, and has already maintained and rebuilt many historical sites in the park. Besides, a Plum-blossom Garden, a Wild Tree-peony Garden and a Peony Garden are under building in the park. They will definitely add more charming views to the park.

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