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Jiudaowan Natural Scenic Spot

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Jiudaowan Scenic Spot is located in Grand Canyon of the Shicheng Village of Miyun County, the suburb of Beijing City. To the south is the Zebra Mountain while to the north is the Shuangshiwa Mountain. With the serpentine Jiuwan River flowing through, the two mountains stand lofty alongside.

Inside the scenic spot, visitors could see more than ten deep ponds which includes Quicksand, Swallow Tail, Snail, Double Waterfalls, Suspending Stone, Stone Cave, Illusion Pond and some others. Jiudaowan Scenic Spot is famous for three-peculiar. The first-peculiar is that there is a giant clear footprint about four to five meters long in the nearby stone with nobody knows its origin. The second is about a giant stone. Viewing from one side, it just likes a frog; however, it likes a tortoise while looking from the other side. The third-peculiar is also the most astonishing one. It is the Qingliang Boundary near Jiudaowan Gulf. It is also called cool in another step or Yibu Liang in Chinese.

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