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Jiaozhuanghu Memorial of Tunnel Warfare Site

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Jiaozhuanghu Memorial of Tunnel Warfare Site lies in Jiaozhuanghu Village of Shunyi District, northeast suburbs of Beijing.
The Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Warfare began in the spring of 1943. The local militia army built a network of underground tunnels during the Anti-Japanese War, which had two main functions: defending the Japanese invaders as well as protecting the masses. During that arduous period, people of China used their wisdom and ability to fight against the Japanese invaders. Just because their endless struggle, the Chinese army has finally made great success of the war.

Tunnel Warfare is a new form for struggle that found by the intelligent people of north China. Tunnel is the major object for visit. It has a length of 23 li. At present, about 600-meter-long tunnel has been renovated. The five-storey cannon tower where the militia watched and combated has also been repaired. Inside the tunnel, you can find individual blindages, planks, meeting rooms, headquarters, gunshot holes, warehouses etc. However, the most unexpected and masterly design is the entrance of the tunnel. The kangs, kitchen ranges, hogpens, donkey slots, wardrobes and some other places all were the entrance leading to the tunnel designed by the smart Chinese people. The tunnel site displays the immortal achievements the Chinese people made in anti-Japanese war and the great and magic power of the people's war.

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