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Imperial College

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Imperial College, which called Guozijian in Chinese, is located at the western side of the Confucian Temple in Andingmennei Chengxian Street at Dongcheng district, Beijing and neighboring the Confucian Temple. It was initially built in 1306 in Yuan dynasty and was recognized as the highest institute of learning in China's traditional educational system in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.
The Imperial College, namely the Guozijian, was the central national institute of learning in Chinese dynasties after the Sui. Imperial Academies were located in the national capital of each dynasty -- Chang'an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, and Nanjing. Starting with the Ming dynasty there were two Imperial Colleges, one in Nanjing and one in Beijing.
The buildings of the Beijing Imperial College is facing south with the central axes distributing the Jixian Gate, Taixue Gate, Colored Glaze Torii, Piyong Hall, Yilun Hall and the Jingyi Pavilion. Piyong Hall, the main hall of Guozijian, stands in a courtyard lush with ancient trees and is surrounded by a pool with four fine-carved stone bridge over it. It was the place that the Qing emperors gave lectures following their coronation. Besides numerous Chinese intellectuals, the College also has many foreign students from Japan, Korea and some other Asian countries. So the Imperial College was not only served as an educational administration but also a culture exchange center.

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