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Hundreds of Immortals Cave

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Hundreds of Immortals Cave lies in the southwest of Huyu Valley, Changping District. The cave covers an area over 10,580 square meters and spans more than 1,000 meters long. There are totally about 114 painted sculptures of immortals stand in the cave. Each statue is vivid and lifelike and each of them has an old and beautiful legend. The cave has one palace, four ancestral temples and eight halls. Using many kinds of art forms, it has vividly displayed the century-old Chinese culture about Buddhist, Taoism and Confucianism.

Inside the cave, there are many beautiful views as Di Shui Kwan-yin, Jingang Pond and Nine-dragon Pond. Once you are tired, the Kwan-yin Pavilion in Jiuru Hall, where provide music and tea is a very good place. Walking along the 170-stone-step from Jixiang Palace, one could directly entered into the top of the cave---Yitian Pavilion, from where, one will see the beautiful view of a wide expanse of the flat land. Besides, visitors could also admire the stone inscriptions of the famous person in the cliff.

With 800 square meters, the Original Big World is also located in the cave. It has four scenic areas including Dinosaur Age, Virgin Forest, Boa Area and Area of Ancient Ape Man. Through the modern high technology; it will bring people to a dreaming world which vividly displays the environment of the old time and the evolvement process of mankind.

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