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Hudongshui Scenic Spot

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Hudongshui Scenic Spot is one of the key tourist attractions in Pinggu District. It locates in a grand canyon in Huangsongyu area; 21 kilometers away form the heart of Pinggu District and 80 kilometers northeast of downtown Beijing. With an area of 9 square kilometres, Hudongshui scenic spot attract many visitors with its green valleys, limestone caves, grotesque peaks, waterfalls and various wild flowers.

There are many nice views as the Sanniang Cave, Echo Cave and General Cave lying in Hudongshui Scenic Area. Sanniang Cave was named after folklore. Legend has it that at Qin dynasty, lots of people were forced to build the Great Wall. A man called Qin Da could not bear the hardship anylonger, so he escaped and hided in the mountain. His wife along with his daughter and a daughter-in-law went to the mountain to find him. But it is very strange that they shouted at this mountain he answered at that mountain while they went to that mountain his sound was in this mountain. So year after year, the three women had never found Chen Da. They lived in the cave until death. It was the so-called Sanniang Cave (Three Women Cave). Echo Cave just locates opposite Sanniang Cave. The cave itself cannot hear the echo, but it is interest that it could clearly hear the sound from Sanniang Cave. General Cave is used to memorize He Mingdeng---a soldier in Balujun Army who had died heroically in the Anti-Japanese War. Other scenic spots like A Gleam of Sky is a narrow gorge with a deep pond of water at the bottom, and Yanchi Cliff (Swallow Wing Cliff) is a natural habitat for thousands of swallows and orioles. There are many activities available for visitors as paddling a boat on the lake, taking mountaineering and picking fresh fruit at autumn. Besides, Modern dining and accommodation facilities and indoor entertainments are also available for the tourists.

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