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Guanfu Museum

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Guanfu Museum of Classic Arts is situated in the west Liulichang Street---a famous street teemed with ancient Chinese culture in Xuanwu District in Beijing. It is the first private museum in China and opened to public in 1997. The main collections in the museum are the over 50 pieces of the porcelains made in the late Ming dynasty. Besides, it also exhibits some old furniture, carpet and the costume in the Ming and Qing dynasty. It is a museum that combines the arts appreciating and history studying together.

The museum is an ancient style building with two floors. Covering an area of 150 square meters, the exhibition hall is considered to be an old-timey household place in ancient time with Suzhou purple elm in Qing Dynasty, pear plancon engraving in ancient style on the corner, elm cabinet in Ming Dynasty, wood ware in different material and ages, green porcelain duration the period of the end of Ming Dynasty and beginning of Qing Dynasty, study room utensils in ancient times, trunks, cases, bags and boxes in different size and type.

Aims at always providing a fresh and interesting feeling, the exhibition style and contents here are various regularly. The museum has held "Art & Craft Exhibition in Ming and Qing Dynasty", "Porcelain Exhibition in Song, Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasty" and "Furniture Exhibition in Ming and Qing Dynasty". All those exhibitions reached the effect of gathering the exquisite works and attracting the people. Although the contents of the exhibitions are different, they are all basically characterized with the style of opening, mini type, kindness and folk-custom. There are flying sound of the ancient music instrument and comfortable carefree illustration of the guide. People can drink a cup of sweet tea tasting restlessly near the window and enjoy the kindness of touching the collections at will. All those have constituted the unique flavor of the museum. Through its unique management and the constant hardworking of the staffs, the museum has now become a high level private museum in Beijing.

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