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Green Dragon Gorge

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Green Dragon Gorge, which called Qinglong Xia in Chinese, is located in Huaibei Town at Huairou County. It is 20 kilometers away from Huairou county and 75 kilometers away from Beijing downtown area. There are many tourist attractions around it, with the Hongluo Temple, Yanqi Lake to the south while the Ziyun Mountain and the Yougu Shentan Natural Scenic Spots lies in the north.

Green Dragon Gorge, which reputed as the small three gorges north of the Great Wall, is a beautiful natural scenery spot combines the green mountain, clear blue water, virgin ancient Great Wall and the folk-customs together. The total area of Green Dragon Gorge is 150 hectares. A majestically impressive dam separates the whole tourist area into two parts. The north part contains a canyon and a lake. And visitors could take dragon pleasure boat and yacht to enjoy the natural beauty of lakes and mountains. In summer, tourists can swim in the lake or play volleyball, football and sunbathe on the beach. On the east coast of the lake, we have bungee jumping, flying box, rock-climbing and other recreational facilities. On the other side of the dam, rowing bamboo boat in mountain stream can bring tourists real delight. Besides, visitors could also explore in the historical monument of the intact Great Wall of the Ming dynasty. The western part has the Qinglong Xia Ropeway with a total length of 800 meters. It could take the visitors to the highest point of the nearby mountains---Yuhuangtai (Jade Emperor Platform) where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful land. Whats more, visitors could taste the delicious local food with the farmhouse flavor, and you cannot miss the red bulltrout---the specialty of Huairou.

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