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Grand View Garden

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Grand View GardenGrand View Garden possesses the features of both archiaize building groups and modern gardens. It was located on the east bank of Dianshan Lake, and can be mainly divided into two scape sections on east and west. The eastern part is focus on Shanghai Folk Cultural Village, Clubs Garden and sweet-scented osmanthus garden; while the western section is connected closely to one of the four Chinese classical novels--The Dream of the Red Mansions, written by Cao Xueqin.
A famous writer Cao Xueqin of the Qing Dynasty depiction of "Dream of the Red Mansion", Hong Lou Meng in Chinese, heralds our classical garden masterpiece. Its orderly planning, setbacks and remote moods profound, poetic and picturesque and time changes landscape design is a model worthy of gardening circles for reference. This article attempts from the perspective of garden art. a complete system for capturing and displaying spatial sequence to herald the change of time and space characteristics and layout of the entire lens. Summarized their garden art features can be understood from traditional Chinese culture and Chinese classical gardens of Art, with a view to modern garden design inspiration.
Due to what has said in the novel, this splendid garden, dreamland of the classical landscape architect, was used only once for the reception of the imperial visitor. After that, Baoyu, his sisters, girl cousins and sisters - in - law moved in with their respective maids and servants to take up their quarters in the different houses. So the garden witnessed the heyday and the decline of the noble household, the pleasures sought by the masters, the groaning and resistance of the downtrodden slaves, the intrigues hatched by the schemers, and the tragedy of Baoyu and Daiyu.

Name Origin
This is the beautiful setting in which most of the events of the novel Dream of the Red Mansion take place.
Baoyu's father Jia Zheng, a typical orthodox official and one of the masters of the noble household, had an elder daughter Yuanchun, who was selected to enter the palace and later promoted to be a consort of emperor. In this way, the Jias came to enjoy greater imperial grace and became even more influential.
In a moment of magnanimity, the emperor decreed that his consort might make an imperial visit at a prefixed date to her parents by way of fulfilling her duties of filial piety. This usually would not happen more than once in the lifetime of an imperial consort.
To prepare for this grand occasion, the Jias spent a fortune in building a special garden for the reunion and named it Grand View Garden.

It was a veritable fairyland, studded as it was with fancy pavilions, Miniature Mountains and artistic rockeries. It was also landscaped with bamboo and luxuriant trees that suited the atmosphere of each location and with flowers in all the blooming seasons.
In addition to the main hall for the reception of Her Highness, scattered cottages, courtyards and villas, bearing such suggestive names as "Bamboo Lodge", "Fragrant Tower", "Happy Red Court", "Alpinia Park", "Hemp - Washing Cottage", "Lotus Fragrance Anchorage", "Paddy - Sweet Cottage" and so on were built for the repose of the strollers. There were connected by winding or zigzag paths which went over the hills, by the side of rippling lakes or across bridges spanning crystal clear streams, And more often than not, they were screened by hills or rockeries, half hidden by verdant groves or hedged in by rustic fences as befitting the various styles of architecture.
The idea of such a grand garden has been for generations a source of inspiration for painters and plastic artists. Many painting or horizontal scroll has been created in an attempt to give a panoramic view of the garden according to the imagination and interpretation of the artist. Others have adopted various media to portray individual scenes described in the novel.

Cao Xueqin 1,715? -1,763? The name moistens, character dream Ruan, number snow celery, also number celery brook scholar. A great writer of fiction in Qing Dynasty. He spent almost his whole life on writing The Dream of Red Mansion, which was considered to be the greatest masterpiece of Chinese fiction. The Dream of Red Mansion also names Story of the Stone, Gold and jade Reason, take Jia, the king, the history, the Artemisia stelleriana four big families backgrounds, by Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu's love story as the master line, revolves two main characters' feel, described inside and outside Prospect Garden a series of youths men's and women's love story.
A wide branched scholarship does not consent about the main theme of this novel, should it be a novel of sentiment, of Daoist-Buddhist enlightenment, of social observation, of the decay of an aristocratic family, or even a veiled attack on Manchu rule. The frame of the novel is the contest of a Buddhist and a Daoist priest who make be born a young noble boy called Jia Baoyu and his girl cousin Lin Daiyu. With a loving detail describing the life of the two cousins in a huge noble mansion, between gardens and palaces, the red thread is the triangular love between Baoyu, Daiyu and a second girl cousin called Xue Baochai that is of plumper character than the ever-sick Daiyu. Switching between their life, the divine world and dreams, Baoyu becomes deranged after the disappearance of a stone (the origin of the second title) he had in his mouth when he was born. Not knowing, his love Daiyu died, he is tricked to marrying Baochai. Becoming aware of being tricked, Baoyu leaves the world of the "red dust" and becomes a monk. With hundreds of persons and their stories, paralleling the life and feelings of servants to the life of the main persons, the story is very complex and full of symbolisms, but very interesting and convincing for its encyclopedic character, depicting the life of a noble family in the 18th century Qing China.

This is a magnum opus of realism because have artistic, ideological and author of the tragedy experienced since its inception, how many people have made the summit. This novel is the most amazing place because "women are as human beings." It is a kind of beautiful women, as if weeping women is a tragedy. Set mold a group of the book "beautiful moon and threatened show," Hot children, as interpreted by them, "Qian-houses (crying)." "Wan Yan with the Cup (sad)," The tragedy is the number of readers and shed tears of sympathy and compassion. Twelve Beauties, as the representative figures of the "Dream of Red Mansions" tragedy. Records of the women of that era were the unfortunate victims, and the feudal system of relentless suffering, how many readers and shed tears of sympathy and compassion, love and deep sigh. Each of the 12 people in connection with the tragedy is different, but they are different from the tragedy, a common criticism of the evil feudal system. Meanwhile, the low status of women reveals the feudal society, a strong criticism of the feudal society.
In all, the novel in widely has spread at that time, the feudal royal government. Its outstanding realism creation achievement has provided the rich artistic experience to the posterity, always by "Hong Lou Meng" theme creation poetry.

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