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Gouya Natural Scenic Spot

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Gouya Natural Scenic Spot is close to Deshengkou Reservoir in northwest Changping District, 40 kilometers from downtown Beijing. Covering an area of 6411-mu, including 22 peaks, 9 mountain ranges and 8 valleys, this spot has a vast area of natural forest. The main peak is 1,670 meters high, more than 150 meters higher than the famous Mount Tai in Shandong province. Gouya Natural Scenic Spot boasts beautiful natural views with high mountains, precipitous cliffs, wandering paths, lush green trees and limpid streams. With more than 70 temples lying in the mountain, Gouya Natural Scenic Spot is known as the famous Taoist resort in northern China. As early as Yuan dynasty, Gouya has the reputation of Mount Wudang of North. Nowadays, most existing temples were constructed in Ming dynasty. Besides, the beautiful waterfalls and mysterious caves have also attracted many visitors.

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